What’s Authentic Fun?

We live in a culture that bombards us with approximately 5,000 marketing messages every day. These messages are crafted with the sole purpose of selling us something. And while the featured products and services are constantly changing, the underlying message is the same: We need more than we have in order to find happiness.

The Fun Conspiracy challenges the idea that we need something outside of ourselves to be genuinely happy. Authentic Fun is our tool to liberate joy!

We know we’re having Authentic Fun when

  • We are fully present and engaged in the moment
  • We experience awe, wonder, and delight
  • We are open to endless possibilities and curious to explore them
  • We feel free from self-consciousness and external judgments
  • We experience our creative and imaginative spirits
  • We connect with others in heart space
  • We have a sense of belonging to something greater than ourselves
  • We are joyful!

Authentic Fun doesn’t require anything outside of ourselves – it encourages us to BE our true, intrinsic selves! Authentic Fun is available without (or “does not require”) mind-altering substances, expensive toys, fancy clothes, and a lot of time or money.

We were born with the capacity for Authentic Fun, but some of us just need a little help remembering. And it’s definitely worth remembering.

When we are engaged in Authentic Fun, we sense profound joy and connection — the jewels of life’s experience!

The Fun Conspiracy dismisses the idea that fun is a possession to be obtained, earned or awarded. Authentic Fun is a natural outcome of committing to live playfully and mindfully in the present.

If it has been a while since you have experienced Authentic Fun, or you would like to experience more joy in your daily life, our Fun Coaches can help! We offer a variety of ways to help you liberate more joy. Be sure to check out our calendar for upcoming events!