Our Conspiracy

The Fun Conspiracy is a playful movement and organization guided by professional life coaches who are also educators, business consultants and wellness advocates dedicated to sharing Authentic Fun and joyful empowerment.

We are subversive! We reject prevailing cultural attitudes that fun needs to be earned, imbibed, consumed, parceled out in meager doses or relegated to weekends.

We offer playful life coaching, keynote presentations, leadership playshops and community events that provide participants with opportunities to explore the power of play and Authentic Fun to transform all aspects of their lives.

Our Fun Coaches can help you liberate more joy if you

  • Struggle with carving out time to nurture yourself
  • Want to rekindle or discover new passions and interests
  • Feel overwhelmed by stress and can’t find the time to recharge
  • Feel weighed down with too much responsibility to “have fun”
  • Are recovering from addictions and/or emotional distress and need help discovering fun that does not require mind-altering substances
  • Are suffering from the lack of initiative associated with grieving loss, experiencing challenging life transitions and/or depression

The Fun Conspiracy can help you discover ways to address the issues above and experience more joy in your daily life. Our coaches, presentations, workshops and retreats can help you develop and maintain your commitment to engaging in Authentic Fun.

Did you know that regular time spent engaging in Authentic Fun refreshes our energy and enhances our perspective? When we experience Authentic Fun, we return to our routines and responsibilities with a fresh and more objective approach.


Our 1:1 fun coaching sessions, workshops, corporate playshops and keynote presentations can help you unlock the power of play to enhance your creativity, personal and professional relationships, work performance, and physical and emotional well-being.

We also provide support for individuals and groups navigating depression, recovery, and personal and professional burnout.

What is Authentic Fun and how can join our conspiracy? Click here to learn more!