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Kind Words

I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer Maurer as my fun coach. I went into the experience with the mindset that I was going to try this as a way to help me determine if I wanted to incorporate this type of coaching into my own coaching practice. What I didn’t realize was that my coaching experience with Jennifer would change my life.

Over the course of approximately three months I worked with Jennifer on getting clarity around my career and improving my health. I did a number of play focused activities and assignments, some of which I loved and some of which took me a while to warm up to. There were times when I downright didn’t feel like doing anything fun or playful, especially as I was overcoming an illness. But Jennifer responded consistently with empathy, understanding and gentleness while helping me stay on track with our overall plan.

Soon after our last coaching call, much to my surprise, something unexpected happened. All the changes I spent so much time thinking through and talking about with Jennifer began to take shape. It was as though the magic of the universe rose up to meet me where I was and we co-created something magnificent! I was called for job interviews, I met new people to take my business to the next level, my health began to improve, and I found a new home.

I realized through this fun coaching experience that taking action in some form is essential for change and working with a coach really makes a difference in succeeding at this. I also learned that there truly is a magical element to fun and play that is an integral, yet often overlooked, part of living a full and vibrant life.

—Sonja Boggs, wellness center director, coach,
yoga instructor and Reiki practitioner

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