The Conspiracy

So what is The Fun Conspiracy?

We are Fun Coaches:

Let us help you find ways to bring more Authentic Fun into your life:


  • Many of us struggle with carving out time for ourselves,
  • Many of us have lost sight of our passions and those things that bring us joy,
  • Many of us are overwhelmed by stress and can’t find the time to nourish ourselves,
  • Many of us are depressed and weighed down with burdens that rob us of the initiative to do kind things for ourselves,
  • Many of us are recovering from addictions and need help perceiving fun as something other than a state-dependent behavior.


The Fun Conspiracy Coaches can help you discover ways to address the issues above and experience more joy in your daily life. We can help you maintain accountability to the pursuit of implementing Authentic Fun in your daily life, too.

We Create and Facilitate Groups, Events, Workshops, and Retreats:

In a culture that is inundated with messages that fun is a commodity, The Fun Conspiracy strives to reveal that fun is a process and a state of being.

To that end, we have a treasure trove of ideas and activities to share with our clients and friends!


  • Join us for an evening of Hula Hoops or Mother/Daughter Vision Board Creations.
  • Spend a weekend in retreat with us digging deeply to reveal your true passion and calling.
  • Let us help your co-workers get to know each other and connect from a place of joy – elevate awareness of talents, interests, and expertise that build a stronger, more cohesive team.
  • Attend a workshop and remember when play wasn’t encumbered by inhibitions and performance expectations.
  • Immerse yourself in Kirtan and feel the higher vibration of joy through music.
  • Snap your approval at a teen Positive Poetry Slam.


We are always collaborating with talented practitioners, instructors, and artists to bring you high-quality opportunities for immersion in Authentic Fun. All too often, we lose our creative passion to routine. We offer a variety of activities to keep things fresh and to allow for the opportunity of exploring new avenues and adventures in fun in a safe environment.