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Surviving Holiday Gatherings

Fun Tips for Surviving Holiday Gatherings

Putting the “FUN” back in Family Dysfunction by Ginny Hunneke It’s that time again! Plans for holiday festivities are well underway as we add parties to our calendars, shop, and plan travel and family gatherings. For many, the planning and prep is the fun part while the family part can be a bit of a challenge. Others may be totally…

Gratitude Walk

Going to Gratitude on Black Friday

The road may be less traveled but it leads to joy! by Ginny Hunneke I took my dog for a walk this afternoon and passed a group of carolers singing “Oh Tidings of Comfort & Joy.” Mind you, it’s November 4th. And I haven’t tasted a single morsel of pumpkin pie, roast turkey, or sausage stuffing yet. That particular carol…