Subversive Recovery

Many of us in “recovery” view our addictions from the perspective of disease: chronic and incurable. We desire to salvage the best life possible from the wreckage of past dysfunction and destructive behavior. In early recovery, we might address our behavior by acknowledging its negative impact on our lives, by admitting our lack of control, and by believing in a power greater than ourselves to support our efforts in turning our lives around. Millions have experienced significant relief and healing in recovery via this path and its subsequent steps.

But wait! There’s more…

What if we look at how we define what it means to “recover”?

Redefining Recovery

Reclaim, take back, recharge, reunite—all stand out as synonyms that can expand our understanding of what it means to “recover” beyond salvage and heal.

The Fun Conspiracy embraces Joy as a birthright. And yes, we believe that even those of us who have wreaked havoc in active addiction are entitled to the experience of Joy: It is ours to reclaim, to take back.

In fact, in addictions recovery we have unique opportunities to experience Joy through Authentic Fun. After all, you can’t bottle joy (one of our most popular blog posts to date).

And this is where Subversive Recovery comes in to play. Yes, to PLAY!

While it is helpful to acknowledge the “dis-ease” of addiction, Subversive Recovery shifts the focus away from what causes us pain to that which brings us Joy and healthy social connections (the importance of which is underscored in studies like the Rat Park experiment and heroin addiction in Vietnam soldiers).

The Fun Conspiracy is all about creating opportunities to ignite our passions in positive playful ways and preventing substance abuse by sharing the benefits of substance-free fun.

Reclaiming Joy in Recovery

At The Fun Conspiracy, we know first-hand how active addiction robs our lives of Joy. We are also well acquainted with the struggles to navigate fun and joy in early recovery in a culture that too often substitutes artificial highs for natural ones.

Our fun coaches can help you sort through misconceptions and old patterns of behavior and guide you to reunite with your authentic self and your personal sources of Joy. We can help you learn to negotiate your social landscape confidently and substance free. Our fun life coaching packages can help you create a healthy, playful life.

In a “substance-centric” world, The Fun Conspiracy occupies a unique niche as a purveyor of Authentic Fun events—all of which are drug and alcohol free. While not exclusively limited to those in recovery, we hold a special place for those struggling to overcome addiction.

If you are seeking recovery support, our event and fun coaching fees will never be an obstacle to your participation. Please let us know how we can assist!

Substance Abuse Play-Full Prevention for Youth

Substance abuse prevention is an underlying, yet subtle, theme of many of our activities (yes, this really is a fun conspiracy!). The adult world has high, legally enforceable expectations that our youth abstain until the age of 21, but often does a poor job of modeling substance-free fun.

We invite you to join The Fun Conspiracy in subverting the message that intoxication is essential for a good time!

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