FUN Coaching

When Was the Last Time You Had Fun?

If you answered anything other than “I’m having fun right now!,” you could benefit from working with one of our fun coaches. We offer a variety of 1:1 life coaching packages, coaching to support recovery, and creative leadership and team-building coaching for groups and organizations.

Fun coaching can help you reclaim and harness the power of play to liberate more joy and creativity in all areas of your life. Our coaches offer playful practices, roadblock busters, and lots of personal support to help you thrive in your work, your health, your relationships, your parenting, your life—you get the picture, and we’ll help you add more color to it with crayons, markers, and fun adventures.

Are You Play-Deprived?

Research shows that play deprivation can have serious side effects (ironic, we know). And by play deprivation, we and scientific researchers mean lack of regular opportunities to play, not just taking that 2-week vacation once a year.

When we don’t take time out to play, we become more fixed and rigid, more risk-averse and emotionally and physically burned out. We also become less resilient, less able to adapt to change, and less likely to thrive or survive.

“The opposite of play is not work, it is depression.”— Brian Sutton-Smith

That’s the bad news.

The good news is:

The opposite of depression is learning to live a playful life.

The Benefits of a Playful Life

When we play regularly, and bring a playful approach to all that we do, we actually build bigger brains and stimulate neuronal growth, hormonal and emotional changes that support

  • optimism and happiness
  • renewed passion and purpose
  • creativity and innovative thinking
  • stress regulation
  • improved health & immunity
  • effective problem-solving
  • learning and memory
  • empathy and trust in our relationships
  • heartfelt connection to ourselves and others

Ready to Create Your Game Plan?

We offer personal coaching, creative leadership coaching and team-building workshops, recovery coaching, and playshops and retreats. Read on to learn more!

1:1 Fun Coaching/Mentoring

EmPower Play

4 sessions: $500 ($125 per session). Together we’ll chart a map to a more playful life by discovering what lights you up and ignites your passion. In our coaching sessions, we’ll explore your play history, excavate limiting beliefs that get in your way, and use playful tools to help you access more opportunities to experience authentic fun and joy in your daily life. Contact us to schedule your EmPower Play.

Game Changer

8 sessions: $800 ($100 per session). You are tired of living in a well-worn rut of routines and never-ending “do do” lists, and you are ready to start living a more joyful life NOW. We’ll help you create a game plan that unleashes the power of play to transform your life. Our coaching sessions will dive deeper to help you discover your unique play personality and tunnel through roadblocks (and excuses). Together, we’ll change your game by bringing your playful self to every situation, challenge and relationship. You’ll be glad you did, and so will everyone else in your life! Contact us to schedule your Game Changer.

Jumpstart Session

1 session: ($150 per session). We offer individual 1-hour quickstart or booster sessions with no intake forms or prep work for those who need a jumpstart to shake up the daily grind or who have a time-sensitive need for some easily accessible fun tools. Contact us to schedule your Jumpstart Session.

All package coaching sessions include

  • 60-minute phone sessions
  • A 15-minute between-session check in
  • Personalized game plan (fun homework!)
  • Exploration of play strategies
  • Fun & play resources

Fun Coaching Client Testimonial

I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer Maurer as my fun coach. I went into the experience with the mindset that I was going to try this to help me determine if I wanted to incorporate this type of coaching into my own coaching practice. What I didn’t realize was that my coaching experience with Jennifer would change my life.” Read more

—Sonja Boggs, wellness center director and coach

Creative Leadership Coaching

The Fun Conspiracy offers strategic consulting, board and employee retreats, workshops, and trainings that bring more playfulness and creativity into the workplace to support innovative thinking, enhanced productivity, team-building, and improved workplace morale and employee retention. We will work with you to create a game plan that supports your unique goals and needs. Contact us for more details.

Leadership Coaching Testimonial

“Thanks so much for the amazing playshop for our team. Your ability to craft and cultivate a truly unique team building experience is a gift. I’m already applying what I learned, sharing it with my staff, and looking forward to offering the experience to others in our organization!”

—Darcy Tyrrell, Product Marketing Director, LexisNexis, Raleigh, NC

Recovery Fun Coaching

Many of us have forgotten how to have fun without mind-altering substances or have settled for inferior substitutes and mind-numbing distractions that disconnect us from our authentic selves and from others.

It is easy to forget what fun feels like when we are in the midst of emotional challenges and/or difficult life transitions such as grief, career, health and relationship challenges.

Working with a fun coach can help awaken joy by exploring healthy ways to have fun. Fun coaching helps us build “play” muscles so we can reclaim our birthright to experience happiness, hopefulness and well-being in and with our bodies.

We offer a sliding scale for those in need to support the recovery process and healing. Contact us for more details.

Fun Adventures

Half-day, full-day and multi-day adventures. We offer coach-led, on-site fun excursions for individuals and groups. These hands-on adventures include pre-planning, event coordination, on-site play coaching, and follow-up play work. Pricing varies by adventure. Contact us to plan your adventure.


Payment is due prior to coaching sessions. We accept major credit cards, PayPal and checks. Monthly payment plans are available for coaching packages.

What Is Fun Coaching?

Professional life coaching is an ongoing relationship between a coach and a client that can facilitate personal, professional, physical, spiritual and other areas of development. Fun coaching emphasizes the power of play to support well-being and growth in all life areas. Fun coaching is a collaborative process that helps clients develop playful practices and mindsets to liberate more joy, creativity, well-being and heartfelt connection with others and life itself.