We Agree…

Agreement To Participate

All Fun Conspiracy activities, events, and life coaching sessions are designed to provide a respite from stress, burdens, and negativity. In our time together, we focus on cultivating joy and elevating positive energy by engaging in Authentic Fun.

We are committed to creating and maintaining the safe spaces necessary to experience Authentic Fun and ask all participants to join us in the following agreements:

Baggage Check

The Fun Conspiracy does not provide counseling or therapy services; however, fun coaching can be a powerful healing tool for individuals working with mental health professionals. When participating in our activities and events, you will be asked to “leave your baggage” at the door. We will encourage you to whole-heartedly engage in fun for its own sake (a gift we don’t give ourselves often enough!).

Healthy Laughter

The Fun Conspiracy invites and encourages laughter at all events and activities, but never at the expense of one’s self or another. We discourage self-deprecating humor, sarcasm, and cynicism in that these forms of humor focus on negative aspects of being. In pointing out negative aspects of anything, we create distance and dissonance, hardly conditions to cultivate joy and elevate positive energy! Authentic Fun is all about connection with that which makes us feel vibrant and alive!

We recognize that our culture has taught many of us that humor at our own expense is not only acceptable but desirable. Our fun coaches will help guide you in liberating joy and humor that enriches your experience of yourself and others.

Un-adult-erated and Unbridled Fun

All Fun Conspiracy activities and events are substance-free. Participants are not allowed to bring or use mind-altering substances to ensure we maintain a safe environment for everyone. Learning how to engage in Authentic Fun without substances is also a profoundly empowering and healing experience for many of our participants.

Please be sure you can honor these agreements before participating in any of The Fun Conspiracy’s events or activities.