Fun coaching, trainings and playshops to liberate more joy, creativity and well-being for individuals and organizations. Reclaim your playful self!

Shhhh. There’s a conspiracy going on here…

Did you know that regular time spent engaging in Authentic Fun refreshes our energy and enhances our perspective? When we experience Authentic Fun we return to our routines and responsibilities with a fresh and more objective approach.

We invite you to join The Fun Conspiracy!

We’re all about subverting distress and exposing joy. It’s your birthright, and it’s a necessary component of healthy living. Let’s reframe our views about fun and focus on how to integrate Authentic Fun into our lives every day.

Our fun coaching, corporate trainings, keynotes and playshops can help you integrate playful, energizing Authentic Fun into your daily life to enhance your personal and professional relationships, work performance, and physical and emotional well-being.

Emotional Freedom

The Freedom of Expression

Embracing Our Full Range of Emotions by Ginny Hunneke Do you snort when you laugh? Do you feel embarrassed and self-conscious when you do? Well, I don’t, but my friend does. (Most people love it when she snorts!) I cry. A lot. I cry when I’m in pain, when I’m sad, when I’m frustrated and overwhelmed, AND when I experience joy. While some…

Lego Car

The Building Blocks of Success

Creative Innovation at Work by Jennifer Maurer Work harder. Work longer. Work faster. Work. Work. Work! There are lots of theories and self-help books out there claiming to have the secret to success and innovation. Unfortunately, many of them are wrong. More unfortunately, many of us don’t realize just how wrong they are. We’re too busy trying to keep up with a staggering…